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A trip of all trips!

Could we have had a better trip! Full of fun, tears, joy and sadness - an emotional rollercoaster of course We have already shared with you the excitement of telling the girls about their new house - those screams of joy are still ringing in my ears. We have told you about our lovely Angel,

Christmas is coming

Sitting at home in the UK life is centred around getting ready for the big day. Have we go enough food to feed an army, (despite there only being two extra for lunch!) - have I remembered the gifts I needed - or more to the point will I EVER get to the shops to


Sorry for the lack of blogs while I was away - many reasons but not least that the internet and I fell out on many occasions. I will catch up with you over the next few days but want to start by saying goodbye! This, like all trips, has been amazing, humbling and moving on

Time just keeps on going!

Sorry for the long gap in blogs. Life is busy as usual and trying to split between two houses is crazy! The boys are closing school this week and they have had their exams – they will need a good program next week to keep them busy. It can be hard when you have survived

News from a volunteer

Catherine came over to Kenya earlier this year to spend time at both Rafiki Mwema and Rafiki Familia - we are so thankful that she has taken time to share her experiences with you Nine inspiring weeks: volunteering at Play Kenya The Kenyan sun shines high in a bright blue sky. It is a Saturday

What’s going on!

So much has been happening in Kenya and home – just really need to win the lottery so John and I can get right back there!   In our boys house, Rafiki Familia, our new community team, headed by Anisha and includes Jacquie and Joyce, have been busy collecting the boys backgrounds and stories –

Keeping the news coming …

Although I am back in the UK, the great work continues in Kenya. I have left John over there as there is still so much to do. Yesterday some of our girls attended their grandmother’s funeral. I am always very anxious when this happens, as our girls are with us for care and protection as