Project Description


Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, are thrilled to be partnering with The Children’s Department, Nakuru, in delivering influential and life changing support for the most vulnerable of families and children. There are literally THOUSANDS of children in Nakuru County alone, who live without parents.

The Child Protection Centre will be a vibrant centre, incorporating Lawyers, Social Workers, Therapists as well as Government Officials, where children and families can access the support they need, in whatever form it takes. This flagship centre will offer therapy, training, life-skills and so much more. The Centre will follow the principles of Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, and will be an open, kind and safe place when life overwhelms.

We work very closely with The Juvenile Centre, to change the experiences and outcome for children whose lives lead them into crime. We will be active in improving the mental health of the most challenged children and young people