There is so much going on ‘behind the scenes’ that we cannot wait to share with you all. Things that continually blow our brains with the excitement and integrity of supporting families beyond our wildest dreams here in Kenya.

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to some of the Mama’s and their babies who are on the introductory phase into Play Kenya.

One of the young women is well known to us and was one of the original girls who came to our therapeutic home, set up in the vision and expertise of the founder. As a child Rebecca, not her real name of course and not shown in our picture, was a complex young lady with a shocking, heart-breaking story that she defended with violence and manipulation.  She spent several years with us before she went to college and then disappeared. She recently returned to Play Kenya after reaching out to her old supporters and being given our phone number. We are so delighted to keep our hearts open to her when others turned their backs so cruelly. She is 22 years old now and on her third pregnancy. Sadly, due to sleeping rough and her violence, she does not have any surviving babies.

Rebecca is so full on it takes your breath away. Her relationship with the babies father was often violent and dangerous. She fights anyone who crosses her and holds a million grudges. She seeks and waits her revenge in the most heinous ways. Fighting runs through her DNA like water in a stream. It is her go-to and she fears no one, except herself. She doesn’t want this life anymore. She wants to feel loved and cared for and yet her affection is sprinkled around like confetti. She calls the world Mum and attaches to anyone that simply looks her way. The world has been unbearable to this courageous, frightened and frightening young woman. At Play Kenya we choose kindness to help her through each day. She has one of our team members that runs when she calls. We take her to the hospital for every small pain, real or perceived, to show her that we care enough. We have found her a safe family where she can rest her violence and connect to her calmness when ever possible. She is well fed and loved to the best that she can be.

Her sponginess for relationships masks her fear. Her fear that she is bad, born different to others; That she will be forever the outcast, forever alone. Play Kenya will walk with her through the scary days of growing her baby, already impacted by the violent frightening life that she finds herself a part of; the worrying days of giving birth and meeting her baby. A baby she both wants and fears; both loves and spurns; There are so many dark places she visits in her mind, so disturbed by the hate she has received in her young life, that will drive her to make a decision for her baby. We will help that choice be safe for the baby yet to enter her world.

We will be the mirror to her soul that will show love and kindness to a heart that is damaged by pain, fear and rejection. We will hold those hands that hit, punch and crush those around her, until she feels the gentleness of our love. We won’t walk away as others have done when she has reached out.

The road will be full of cracks, holes, and flooding. We will all have to walk carefully and all we can all do is walk together, leaning and supporting each other. This young lady has our collective heart. We don’t know if she will ever trust anyone with hers, but we will keep trying, pulling on our love and connection; our many many years of supporting children, young people and adults with trauma. We have the knowledge, the theory, the experience. We now need, more than ever, to get this right for this frightened young woman and her baby. An unborn child already marked by the life experiences in the womb. Yet to take a breath but already knows more about life than it needs.

We choose kindness to breed kindness and we love that you walk with us. Thank you