Let me tell you a little about Play Kenya…

Play Kenya is a UK registered charity (Registration no. 1136902) that was set up in 2007 to support vulnerable and traumatised children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their families. Over the years, it developed and in 2011 it’s founder Anne-Marie set up a single therapeutic home, which grew and grew and went on to parent up to 70 children and young people who had survived a life that was beyond imagination.

The approach to parenting these children was revolutionary in Kenya and incorporated Developmental Trauma and Attachment Theory and was based on the work of Dr Daniel Hughes Dyadic Developmental Parenting model, where the local staff, who were trained in this approach, created connections to develop relationships, which changed the brains of these beautiful but traumatised children. Play Kenya empowered them to become the children and adults they deserve to be. The successes speak for themselves and highlights the importance of this approach. Boys who had been on the streets for years; had moved from children’s home to street and back again; Children who made no changes because of the way they were treated, have a million moments of love and connection that simply changed their lives.

Play Kenya in their support of local and National communities are responsible for introducing the very first video link system into the courts for vulnerable witnesses.

And the dream goes on. Having been the pioneer in changing the approach to trauma, and training staff from schools, Children’s Departments, Police Services, Courts and appearing on National TV and Radio we are delighted to move on to our newest project. One so close to our hearts and indicative of the commitment we have to making lifelong change for the most vulnerable here in Kenya.

Play Kenya is going back to the streets to change the concept and thinking around those who live frightening and isolated lives, ensure they receive therapy, kindness, education and access to our long-term project, designed to give them an opportunity to have a life time of employment.

Using the teaching and understanding of an amazing man, Gabor Mate, we will help them to understand the trauma that led to their addictions and help them walk together on a pathway to a cleaner, safer and community-based future for themselves, their families and their children yet to be born

We Choose Kindness in everything we do

The people behind┬áPlay Kenya…