Good news Sunday

Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, have had an amazing week. It was our first week at the Child Protection Centre, where we have been welcomed and busy! The first week we opened our doors to work closely with The Children’s Departments. There is so much need, and so much hope and excitement.

This first week we have welcomed our beautiful twins and their Mama into the centre. These babies are doing so well under the love, care, and support of this wonderful team. They are so much more alert, feeding well, and gaining strength in their little limbs. Thank you everyone who has love, cared, and donated. We couldn’t do it without you.

Our Social Worker, Jacquie, has been busier than she could ever have imagined. Referrals and consultations simply filling her office, as well as our Lexie and Lottie of course! It really is a centre being built on love and kindness.

Anisha has been chasing her tail, with therapeutic referrals and groups filling every spare moment. The joy of having our Mama’s coming in twice a week to connect as a support system for each other, just beautiful. Next week our boys and girls from town start their group sessions.

One of our boys, William, has been given the job as daytime security and groundsman. Photos of him in his uniform to follow. We are all so excited; this young man works SO HARD!!

In the middle of all this, we have a busy busy team where everyone steps in and does what is needed; Peter and Isaac switch from feeding babies, speaking with clients to sorting the water, cleaning; emptying rooms; measuring for curtains; buying office equipment… It has been so busy but so very exciting.

We have moved pregnant Mummies from the streets to the comfort of a house, with a bed. Such a basic thing but has brought her immense joy. We have visited young teenage Mummies in their first days of caring for their babies and offered and given help in this huge transition. We have arranged for a school for a little 4-year-old girl, so she doesn’t walk the streets of town every day, being used as a tool to raise money. The list goes on and on, and each intervention brings a smile to our hearts.

In this role, in partnership with The Children’s Department, we will be able to reach and help so many families. When funds allow (Any law firms out there who’d like to sponsor this) we will have our own Children’s Lawyer, who can support such vulnerable children through the courts system. The plans are big and will cover many years here.

Today, the team will be back on the streets to see what is being missed. We will always remain grass roots, but now we are able to make so much change, for those who need us most.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for standing beside us, as we Choose Kindness to change the lives of those who need us the most. Thank You for believing in us and walking this path of hope for so many families.

Have a great Sunday.