Good news Sunday

Good news Sunday Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, have had an amazing week. It was our first week at the Child Protection Centre, where we have been welcomed and busy! The first week we opened our doors to work closely with The Children’s Departments. There is so much

A Thankyou message

We are so very thankful for everyone who supports Play Kenya, The Kindness Project. We are small but strong and reaching parts of the community others turn their backs on. And we do it with your love. Thank you This week, we met up with 140 of the

What is a Therapist

We are so proud at Play Kenya of the diverse and amazing skills in our team. Each person brings something unique and wonderful to our dream and vision. We ensure that the staff we employ have the qualification and experience to match the job they do. Is there

The first weekend

Let’s celebrate the first weekend that our boys are in their house, food in their bellies and padlocks on their doors. This time last week they survived in fear; seeing the police often ended in huge injuries and excruciating pain; their want to live was weighed heavily in


Choose Kindness. Walking together until we are ready to stand alone.

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