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Still Planning …

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of our trip – it has gone far too fast and I’m just not ready to go! We have had such brilliant friends and volunteers join us this trip – including of course Janet Cassidy. I can’t really imagine what it would be like without her

Only four days left :(

What a great few days of training training, crying and laughing! Despite feeling pretty sick for the last 48 hours (much better now!) I have been rushed off my feet – what a shock I hear you say! On Wednesday, Anisha and I delivered training to a charity who educate many many slum children in

Busy and even busier!

It’s been a crazy few days – but then it always is here! We have been really busy with training, staff meetings, visiting the boys and watching them play football. On Saturday our boys had a match against a local team (sadly we lost 4-3) and while we were there one of the original boys

Bye Bye Longsands Academy

Oh my – what an emotional goodbye to some of the most amazing teenagers (and their fab teachers!). Longsands Academy have been just brilliant and Play Kenya are so happy and grateful for their support and friendship. A year ago we were really struggling to pay our rent on our girls project. Dan Glover from

So much happening!

Where to start! The boys project – the girls project???? So much to tell you about – let me start with the boys. The boys project – Rafiki Familia is really taking shape. We had around 20 people for interview and from that we have selected 3 new staff and we have one of the


Mabel and Lillian went to the lovely Special Needs school this morning for an assessment. They were SO well behaved I wondered if we had the wrong the children. These are two hugely traumatised little girls who show their feelings with big behaviors. I have been helping the staff understand that Lillian lives in total

Heartbreak and Happiness

Another full on packed day! The students from Longsands Academy arrived this morning (AFTER Janet John and I had been into town for our coffee of course!) and they divided into two groups. One stayed with the girls at Rafiki Mwema while the others went to the boys at Rafiki Familia. Our children will really

We’re back!!!!

Amazing amazing and even more amazing start to our trip. We have been here the grand total of two days and it feels like weeks! We have spent time at Rafiki Mwema with the girls with the most fab group of six formers Longsdale Academy back in the UK. These young people have been absolutely