Project Description


Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, are dedicated to supporting those who have a need, and that comes in many forms. We will continue to work alongside those who have a greater understanding of the complexities directly linked to living on the streets, and work collaboratively to change the way street families are perceived, and towards the streets being void of children living such dangerous and frightening lives

We work with government officials to minimise the trauma already experienced by vulnerable families, to ensure they are aware of their role in reducing fear in exposed families.

We are working on a bespoke, trauma informed, addiction programme. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is rife, particularly for the most vulnerable families, where violence and addictions have impacted generations.

As part of our community work Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, offer bespoke training in Schools, to help reduce the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and help teachers cope in very challenging conditions. Our training includes Understanding and Teaching Trauma; The Impact of Corporal Punishment; Neuroscience and Attachment Theory and Looking Behind Behaviours