There are so many joys and stresses here in Kenya as you can imagine.

It is lovely meeting up with like-minded friends, sharing a coffee and the view of how things are. Friends who share your passion, commitment and have honesty and integrity.

Friends are essential in life, and no more so than when they become your family as in the communities in town. We watch young men that some people refer to as gangs, maybe they are, but what draws them is shared life experiences.

The same with the young Mummies and their babies in town. They group together for safety and companionship, but it grows to be so much more.

Friendship is life for so many. Friendship ensures that your baby is safe when you must go and hustle in anyway you can, to survive. Friendship means you are taken to hospital if you are beaten or attacked. Friendship means you live when alone you might die.

Friendship is so much more than a coffee and chat. It is everything that we hold dear.

Friendship is kindness, they go together. If we chose friendship we embrace kindness.

Today I value my friends and salute those that find connection in the hardest of places.