Project Description


Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, will be opening ‘The Kindness Café’ as the Flagship Social Enterprise for Play Kenya and will be aimed at supporting young people, who live on the streets, who live in poverty and disadvantaged young and vulnerable adults who cannot access training or education, to gain worthwhile and employable skills within the culinary and hospitality world.

This initiative will be aimed at young people ages from 16-24 with a clear training program alongside support to manage finances and live independently.

The young people will be enrolled to learn all areas of hospitality with a focus on training chefs, waiters, cleaning staff, backroom staff, animal welfare and husbandry in all areas of hospitality, who will be skilled and able to be employed in hotels and resorts throughout Kenya. The Young People will be involved in all aspects of the system, from understanding and working in the kitchens, growing and producing vegetables and fruits, serving and waiting on tables, chefs, understanding business management, and preparing them to apply and work outside of the project.

Training will be bespoke, to encourage a safe learning environment for traumatised and disadvantaged young people, and their program will be decided once the skill set of the young person has been assessed. Extra support with basic educational skills will be incorporated, recognising that many young people will have missed out on the opportunity to attend formal education through their lives.

Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, have access to a small holding, with livestock. The students will be educated in a holistic approach to hospitality including farming and butchery

Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, will actively support Mothers with young babies who live on the streets and will prioritise their physical safety as they enter the Play Kenya Project

Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, will ensure that their training is of a high standard and are working alongside a local college for registration of recognised national qualification

The aim will be to reduce the numbers of homeless young people, those living in poverty and those who had served prison sentences and are deemed unemployable. Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, will support their mental health and skill them to become worthwhile members of their community

Because of their complex and disadvantaged lives, The Kindness Project, will also support their emotional well-being, which will include individual and group therapy, as part of their programme. They will be supported to learn and access Life Skills Groups to prepare them for independence.

The Kindness Café will support young people to leave the streets and live independent and sustainable lives. They will be supported by a qualified Social Worker to make the transition from street life to independence.

Working Collectively to Stand Alone