We are so very thankful for everyone who supports Play Kenya, The Kindness Project. We are small but strong and reaching parts of the community others turn their backs on. And we do it with your love. Thank you

This week, we met up with 140 of the street community. We don’t insist they are children or young people, we welcome everyone, to have lunch with us. We employ the local food stalls to cook and feed our ever-growing group of friends. This shares the financial support we give to the community, as well as feed the neediest. Some of the men who come and have lunch have been on the streets more years than they can remember. As men, they are chased away from some feeding programmes because they are not children. They smell the food, that turns their stomachs with the pain of real hunger, and they know they must walk by. These children that have grown to be men, surviving in living hell, every day of their lives, know that as a child living in town, it is really tough, but as an adult possibly even harder. Well-wishers focus on the young, and, these men, sit by and watch the street family they grew up with, literally die from the harshness of street living.

Our youngest member of our community for lunch was THREE DAYS OLD! Ok, she didn’t technically eat from the food stalls of course.

A huge thank you to Rita, better known by our street family as Nan, for making this lunch possible. We are so very very grateful. For £50 she filled the stomachs and the hearts of 140 men, women and children who believed, just for a few hours, that they were remembered. Thank you, Nan. We love you.

If you would like to fill the hearts and the stomachs of our family, please go to https://playkenya.com/donate/ and change a life today.

Thank you for Choosing Kindness and walking with us.