Jacquie’s Biography

My name is Jacquie. I work for Play Kenya, The Kindness Project, as a social worker.

I am a trained social worker with a vast experience working in communities. My professional experience changed when I met Anne- Marie in and started working with Play Kenya back in 2014.

By offering me trainings and an understanding of the impact of trauma on behaviour of children and adults, she changed how I worked with families and children in communities, and it has never been the same again.

I have supported families get back with their children, whom they were separated from, for safety reasons, for quite a long time because of abuse, and through continued support, helped them get their lives back together again. I have grown under her mentorship and its life changing.

Working with Choose Kindness support is the best thing ever. It gives me an opportunity to keep changing the lives of children and families on the streets to a life free from abuse and loneliness.