Let me take a minute to update you on how our Mama’s and Babies are doing.

One of our Mum’s has made so many changes to her life. She no longer sleeps in fear and hunger. Her house is clean and is looking very homely. Her baby looks so much healthier and is really benefiting the Mummy from being fed three times a day. They live in a very basic house with one tiny room. It is made of mud, but it is home and a home when you have been homeless is so important.

Anisha joined her and the other Mums for breakfast and saw the joy this Mama feels every day when she closes her own door. Something we take so much for granted and yet means so much. A doorway to safety and a way of locking out the abuse so many of the women on the streets go through every day. A doorway to her future and that of her children. A doorway to education for her family a doorway to lock out generational trauma.