Meet our Mums

Do we announce this small part of our plan, our vision, with joy at being able to bring hope to a few Mamas and their babies who live on the extremely dangerous streets in Nakuru? Joy that we will work with them to build a future where their

Mama’s and Babies

Let me take a minute to update you on how our Mama’s and Babies are doing. One of our Mum’s has made so many changes to her life. She no longer sleeps in fear and hunger. Her house is clean and is looking very homely. Her baby looks

Peter Njuguna

I am Peter Njuguna and I have grown from a boy to a man with Play Kenya. I simply love the job I do. Every day brings new joys and new challenges as I work closely with the boys who have recently come from the streets into rented

From a child to an addiction

From a child to an addiction Working with young adults with addictions will never be easy. People talk about how they choose to take drugs; that they know what they are doing. But is that true? Dr. Maté, renowned addiction expert, says we need to have a compassionate approach toward addiction, whether

Being the Founder

Being the founder of all that has been done here in Kenya, doesn’t end with me no longer being part of Rafiki Mwema. Play Kenya existed for 7 years before that and will exist for many years into the future. My heart was ripped into a million pieces


Choose Kindness. Walking together until we are ready to stand alone.

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