Well – apart from Chelsea beating Arsenal at home today – this has been a great day!

This morning we had to a have a serious chicken talk! We have 8 hens and a cockerel called John (!)and 27 chicks due any day now – we need to be careful they don’t outnumber the girls and take over Rafiki Mwema!!! Today Peter and Maurice spent the day extending the chicken run so we can restrict their movements – or it’s the cooking pot for John!!! I think Peter is enjoying having a project to get involved with!!!!

All the girls, John, Eileen, Peter and myself along with Asaneth and Everlyne went to Mission In Action this morning for the dedication of their children. It was a lovely lovely service with beautiful singing (including our Rafiki girls!) – the children looked beautiful of course!

We all had the most wonderful lunch at MIA and I was so happy to see our girls relaxed and having fun with so many other children. They all came into lunch partnered with someone they didn’t know and it was a lovely way to make new friends. They then spent the afternoon playing outside – really happy relaxed children.

We have just finished worship where they sang on SKYPE to my Mummy (isn’t technology amazing!!)

We are in the middle of lots of plans for our project which includes revamping the way our girls are educated and supporting other vulnerable abused girls at the same time.

Anisha, who works for us, is really not well at the moment and we all send her love and hope she feels better soon.

Days are passing far too quickly as normal!