I am a special needs teacher at the Park School in Woking and I got to know about Play Kenya from Anne Marie when she came to work as a play therapist at my school.

In the summer of 2008 I went to Kenya with Anne Marie to see firsthand how the children that Anne Marie spoke about actually lived and if there was anything that I could do to help.

I arrived in Nakuru after a 15 hour journey to find Anne Marie waiting outside the hotel ready to take me to an orphanage! As I walked through the green metal gates I was faced with at least 100 children in a small area with only an ancient metal slide to play with. They came running up with bright smiling faces and filthy rags for clothes.

I spent several days at this orphanage playing with the children, watching them at school and their daily life. Their life is hard but you never hear them complain.

What really bought it home to me was getting friendly with a young boy called Kevin. We were unsure how old he was but he looked around the same age as my son Milo. He appeared a difficult child; he was new to the orphanage and finding his place. But during the time I was there we built a friendship and I could see that he had so much more to offer. He is now supported by Play Kenya and through the work we have done he is showing signs of developing into a well-balanced young man.

I am an active member of the Play Kenya committee and will continue to support its work.