Project Description

Football is a huge part of the lives of our boys in particular. Play Kenya’s relationship with the boys began through building connections through football. We saw our isolated boys, over months and years, build a degree of trust with the boys they played football with.

In the early days, there were 16 boys who met twice/three times a week. We had a coach who took them to train; they were fed; they were taken for showers; we took their clothes to clean and gave them a fresh set. It was a start but not enough.

The connections that started on the football pitch several years ago continue today. As part of their programme at their houses they have regular football sessions. It is fascinating to watch boys move to take the role of referee; the same same boy who holds the rules in the house. Who plays in goal? The same same boy who needs to see everything in the house. Football has allowed them to be part of a team; to follow rules and become leaders in their own way.

Football will always be part of our programme