Very very sad to be sitting in the BA lounge waiting to go home. This has been yet another amazing trip with loads achieved – I am so thankful for the support of John who puts up with me when I get grumpy but sometimes this work can overwhelm.

This morning I did an assessment of two young boys in a great orphanage whose behaviours were concerning the head carer and owner. I met with them to do an assessment of their emotional needs and I was amazed at how much they opened up in one session. Both these boys disclosed severe sexual abuse at the hands of family members and degrading and distressing abuse as well. The owner was upset (of course) to hear the extent of what had happened – not just to these boys – but also one of the much younger brothers. I immediately contacted Gtonga who works for Play Kenya to tell him that the boys had given me names, dates and places and to ask if he could help track these vile men down and bring them before the courts. What I love about all our staff is that they always think about the children first and what they have experienced – and try to help in every way. I believe these men will answer for their heinous crimes – all because two young boys were able to share their stories. I am going to find them the right support and access to exactly what they need to grow into the young men they deserve to be.

What a day all ready and it was only 10.30 – we then had the most wonderful brunch with my lovely lovely friend Mary – she has to be the best cook in Kenya!!! I always feel sad when I say bye to Mary – and today was the same – she is such a great friend and helps Play Kenya so much – despite being busy with her own 50 children!!!!

At lunch time we said our goodbyes to the girls – there are no words that describe the depth of emotion this brings up for all of us – but mostly the girls. They cry so much and it feels like their little hearts will break – this time, Michelle, who normally goes around wiping the other girls tears, broke down and cried when she realised we were leaving. That finished me.

Eileen and Peter have been a great great support this last 10 days and have really understood our project – I am thrilled that they came out to Kenya with us – Asante Sana rafiki

So here we are at the airport and another trip is closing. I am coming home to get some serious funding underway. The girls need continuing support – we need therapeutic foster carers – we NEED to have a safe environment for sexually abused boys to help them with their trauma – but also to prevent them from being the perpetrators of the future – loads to do – but bring it on! We will make this happen!

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and who support our vision. If you have ever thought I might do something to help – please do it now! Click on our donate page or send me an email – we need all the help we can get. We have the most amazing folk supporting us and we are eternally grateful

Off to get a coffee and look at the photos of this trip

Kwaheri for now xxxx