Another busy but great day – I interviewed 8 staff for a teaching job – it amazes me that people will come for an interview without knowing anything about the work we do and the organisation they are applying too! Having said that we have had 2 strong applications and we will hopefully take it to the next stage very soon.

I am totally frustrated (but not in anyway surprised) by the Internet – I have hundreds of wonderful photos of the girls at their party – which went on all night back at Rafiki Mwema – but the stupid stupid stupid Internet won’t let me get to them!!!! I will keep trying!

We had a great staff meeting with the management today to unveil our further developments of the work at Rafiki – I am very excited!

We also had some visitors from a neighbouring project – I love people coming by and seeing what we do – I am beyond proud of everyone involved!

Some of you may remember a family of 4 siblings who came to us when RM first opened but had to move on as VERY sadly they didn’t meet the criteria to stay with us – well I am very excited to report that thanks to another great charity they are back with their mother for school holidays – a great great step forward – well done Heart For Change!!!

Tomorrow the DCO is breaking her leave to come and visit – I have heard so many wonderful things about this lady I cannot wait to meet her!

Our girls are just great – even the 7 new girls are very well settled and doing well on their therapeutic journey – our three siblings are looking less traumatised by the minute and I hope in unison with Heart For Change we may be able to get them back with their very traumatised Mummy within the year.

It was tough coming over and leaving my family at Christmas – but guess what – my Kenyan family have of course made it a great Christmas – I wonder what the new year will bring for play Kenya – a lovely therapeutic fostering service and school maybe – you never know! We prayed for transport and that’s exactly what people gave us – hoping our new car will be with us soon!

More tomorrow …….