Well here we are with exactly one month until Christmas and a house full of the most beautiful young girls. There have been so many changes in the last month with 5 of our girls leaving and new ones straight away to take their places.

All our children have had some of the most awful experiences but we have just had siblings arrive with us with the most horrific injuries – they have been raped, beaten and burnt by their father. The good news is – if there can be good news for these little girls – is that their father is in prison and not likely to ever come out. Their mother has just given birth to a fifth child (their brother is in an orphanage for the time being) and she is being looked after by a charity for abused women. Our aim is to support this family, with shelter, education and therapy and work towards them being together in a safe place. These babies need their Mummy and we will help make that happen. You are all brilliant at financially supporting us and we are so grateful – imagine no Play Kenya and these children would be in an orphanage or children’s remand centre – thank you – please keep supporting us so we can continue the work we do.

Sarah Rosberg from Castle Design has always been a great friend of Play Kenya and she has donated the money she would have spent on presents for her family and friends to send our girls and staff out for the day. They are going to a local hotel for lunch and swimming – and we have arranged the girls to have swimming floats as presents – I can’t wait to see the pictures!

We have also had amazing Christmas cards donated to us by Inline print (www.inlineprint.co.uk) which have boosted our funds and brought awareness – Thank you John.

I am traveling over on my own on Christmas day – leaving my family and friends behind. It is so much cheaper to fly Christmas day than anytime in the next 2 weeks – so I will have my Christmas lunch in the sky and then fly home on New Years Eve and welcome the new year in courtesy of British Airways!!!! On the plus side I get to see my lovely girls and wonderful staff

I will keep you posted on how all our girls are doing – it is a difficult time for them with so many girls leaving and new ones coming in.

If you would like to remember our girls at Christmas please go to our donate page – thank you