Oh my – what an emotional goodbye to some of the most amazing teenagers (and their fab teachers!). Longsands Academy have been just brilliant and Play Kenya are so happy and grateful for their support and friendship.

A year ago we were really struggling to pay our rent on our girls project. Dan Glover from Longsands Academy stepped in and raised funds with his team of amazing students and really helped us out of a tricky situation. Since then we have visited the school in the UK and met the students who would be coming to Kenya – they arrived 2 weeks ago and made such an impression on our lives. The impact they had on our staff and children at both homes was HUGE!

To say this group of young people were fun, caring and loving just wouldn’t do them justice. The girls at Rafiki Mwema fell in love with them the first day they visited. They are just so generous with their time and energy and our girls felt very safe with them. Sometimes having young men visit can be scary for the girls but there was something so accepting and fun that even our most troubled girls began to relax pretty quickly. They also brought the gift of LOOM BANDS!!! Oh my goodness – if I see another loom band it will be too soon – thanks guys! They haunt me in my sleep! We take the bracelets off the girls when they sleep and the fear that I will give the wrong bracelet to the wrong girl – wow!!!! Every night at worship the girls give thanks for the great group that have visited us. It’s so interesting to see that every girl has a different group within the group that she relates well to.

Today was their final visit and we were with the girls when they said goodbye. It makes me teary even typing it! The girls have a traditional ‘Bye Bye’ song and they hardly sang any of it before the tears started and the wails began – and that was just the staff!!!

It is really good to show emotions but this has been an exceptionally emotional week – this goodbye topped a full on week. Our girls are heartbroken to see such lovely people move on – you will all be remembered.

I met with Ray this evening and he said that the boys were very sad to see them go too. They were really thankful for the painting they did at their house and the absolutely brilliant day at Greensteds school, where they had a football tournament, lunch and swimming – a truly magical time.

Thank you so much for the lovely memories you are leaving us with. Thank you SO much for the outstanding fundraising – really outstanding! Because of you there will be children safe in their beds and off the nightmare of the streets for months to come – words simply cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.

I would like to echo our children by saying it is so sad to see you go – please come back again soon – and you never know I may actually understand hash tag by the time you come back!

Keep in touch, travel safely – you are loved by us all!