Life at Rafiki Mwema is ticking along and all seems calm at the moment. We have a volunteer out there at the moment, Emily, and I am looking forward to hearing her news. Morris passing his driving test has been a great asset to our family as the girls are able to go to church, the shopping is so much easier – and we are able to take our more settled children to school.

At the moment we educate the children at home until we feel they are able to manage the stress of going to school – remembering that some of our girls were abused on their journeys to school – so we have been very selective in where our girls go. At the moment they attend Mission In Action school but it is my hope that we will raise the funds to set up our own school, much closer to where we are. We have 4 girls out at school, but the others are really keen to go.

Education is huge in Kenya and the girls don’t want to miss out. We have a teacher employed in our staff but it is a big ask for any one person to meet the extreme needs of our girls. Trauma can have a huge impact on the ability to learn – and we need to be able to manage their emotional and educational needs. I am sure we will be able to get our school one day.

If you feel you would like to help the education of our girls while they are with us please go to our donate page – or email [email protected]

One of our girls was recently diagnosed as being HIV positive following being sexually abused and she is being seen at the hospital to make sure she is given the right treatment. It is awful that not only was this little girl sexually abuse while she is still a child, but she has also contracted the HIV virus. There is so much misunderstanding and stigma connected to her status that her family are refusing to have her home after she finishes her time with us. We will work closely to help them understand this condition and support them to see beyond the diagnosis – to see their little girl is still the same child – who will really need her family. A reminder of how very tough life is in Kenya.

John and I are on countdown to return and have a busy schedule for while we are there. I am hoping to meet with the children’s department about changing the way they interview children in court. I am really hoping we can help pave the way for a less traumatic system for all children who attend court – anyone who knows how to set this up and fancies a self funding trip to Kenya – please let me know!

Anisha is back to work following her wedding and is working in the community supporting orphanages and other communities. I am looking forward to September when we can set out a plan for the way forward for Play Kenya.

Thank you all so much for following our blog and your support of Play Kenya