What a very emotional day. This morning we went to visit a family we have supported through the generosity of Play Kenya supporters. We took Eileen and Peter to John’s house and I think they were a little surprised as how little they have. We arranged for them to have new beds and furniture ¬†with the help of Eileen and Peter and set Mama in a new business. This will not only bring in a much needed income but will also give her something to occupy her mind. She is tortured by the memories of the horrific attack on herself and her family. We have arranged counselling and that along with something to keep her busy will help in her recovery.

After that we met a good friend in town who has a very disabled son. We had already arranged for much needed physic and speech therapy but this was proving difficult as the family have a new baby and the father needs his job to support his family. Play Kenya have arranged for one of our staff to take the young boy for his twice weekly appointments. This small thing may well be the difference between this young man receiving the care her needs – or missing out.

When we came back to the house our lovely lovely girls had written a song to celebrate Eileen and Peters 45th wedding anniversary, and had all made cards. Eileen was in floods of tears for the second time that day – and I’m sure I saw a tear or two in Peters eyes. We have the best children and staff on the planet!

And on top of that – 15 chicks!!!!