Amazing amazing and even more amazing start to our trip. We have been here the grand total of two days and it feels like weeks! We have spent time at Rafiki Mwema with the girls with the most fab group of six formers Longsdale Academy back in the UK. These young people have been absolutely amazing at fundraising back home and now they have come to check us out.

What a great group of young people – really engaged with our young girls and boys. It’s pretty overwhelming when you visit, especially in the girls house and there was a few tears but they were just lovely. The girls really enjoyed their time and were sad that they had to leave – but they will be back.

They have introduced a new craze here at Rafiki Mwema – Loom Bands!! A very wonderful afternoon watching our girls learning to make bracelets out of elastic bands, and then showing the teenage boys how to do it – magic!

We then all went over to the boys house – Rafiki Familia – where a very competitive game of football took place between the reds and blues – or Chelsea and Arsenal – which ended in a draw. It is really true – sport and games cancel out the need for a common language.

Janet (Cassidy) brought pop-up goal posts and team bibs – has transformed their practice games! I can’t tell you how small gestures make so much difference over here.

We have a great group of volunteers here at the moment – Janet (of course), John (not really a volunteer more the daddy!); Will, Sam Chloe who are here for 2 weeks and all throwing themselves into the experience with gusto – and Catharine, lovely drama therapist who has been here for 8 weeks and coming to the end of her stay – bit of a full house but lovely atmosphere!

Another busy day tomorrow with our Longsdale gang back at our two houses – meetings and therapy observations! I LOVE Kenya