‘Volunteering for Play Kenya has been a remarkable, inspiring and eye-opening experience.

On my first visit to Kenya I was surprised and saddened at just how many children had experienced trauma, abuse and abandonment. It meant the time spent there was emotionally challenging, but I found it rewarding knowing the work we were doing (even a small amount) was making a huge difference to the children’s lives and really highlighted the need for extra support. My trip also involved training government workers in mental health and visiting the woman’s prison, local orphanages and safe houses. The chance to work within these settings was empowering; strengthened by the knowledge that we could enhance wellbeing and potentially change the future of care for vulnerable children in Nakuru.

Play Kenya is continuing to do fantastic work, especially with new developments like Rafiki Mwema. It has been a privilege representing Play Kenya and working alongside the team of therapists/volunteers. Play Kenya should be proud of the work they are doing and the amount they have achieved so far. I hope there are many more promising opportunities for the charity and look forward to my next visit in the near future. It was a fantastically worthwhile trip, which has impacted on me immeasurably. Those children are always in my thoughts and prayers, and I cannot wait to return to see even more improvements resulting from the work of Play Kenya. Good Work!!!’