Imagine this …

A litte girl having to sit face to face with the person (or persons) that sexually abused her. Horrific thought isn’t it? But that is what our young girls at Rafiki Mwema have to do when the time comes for them to testify. As much as we prepare them for their court appearance, often they feel so intimidated and threatened by having to face their abuser they are unable to give evidence and the offender walks free and potentially offends again.

Rafiki Mwema’s idea to make change

A video link system in the courthouse would protect these vulnerable young children and witnesses and allow them to give evidence without having to face their attacker and hostile defence lawyers.

John Tipper, one of our founders and board members, attended a meeting recently at the High Court in Nakuru to discuss an offer by us to supply video equipment. The Chief Judge was supportive of our idea and has given us the green light.


Imagine this…

A child as young as two years old giving evidence in front of the person that abused them. Often they are cross-examined and questioned by their attacker. This intimidation can continue over many court appearances and the children are expected to attend court in person each time.

The whole process is so distressing and frightening for them that months and months of therapy and preparation for their court appearance can be undone the moment they step foot in the courtroom.

Together we can make change happen

This should not be happening to any rape victim anywhere in the world, regardless of their age. We have an opportunity to change this process and protect these children and potentially other victims from any further trauma.

We need your help to get this project off the ground as soon as possible, before many more children are subjected to this most traumatic experience.

Our aim is to raise the funds to run the program from one witness room to one courtroom as a trial. If the court approves more we will attempt to raise further funds and allocate additional video links and hopefully allow all victims to utilise the service. Our ultimate goal would be to see this program grow and be implemented in courts all over the country, and it all starts here.

For one system to be set up we need to raise $7,000 AUD which includes all equipment and the labour to install.

Imagine this…

Being a part of a like-minded community that is changing this court process and protecting these young children. As you may be aware, all administration costs for Rafiki Mwema are covered by the founders, so every single cent donated to this project will make a difference.

How you can help this project?


You can help by making a donation of any size. No contribution is too big or too small and every single cent is invested into this project.

Spread the message far and wide

Please help us spread the word. We have found that word of mouth social media has an enormous impact in raising awareness and funds for our projects at Rafiki Mwema. Get your friends and colleagues on board.

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A little girl no longer having to sit face to face with her attacker while she relives the trauma he/she put her through. A little girl being able to give evidence in private and her attacker receiving the punishment he or she deserves. With a little support from a lot of big hearts we can do this in no time.