Project Description

Dance has so many benefits for our children, socially, emotionally and physically. It is known that mental and emotional problems are often held in the body in the form of muscle tension and constrained movement patterns. It is also known that the state of the body can affect attitude and feelings, both positively and negatively. By using dance not only are our children have huge fun; they are experiencing following rules, rhythms and patterning in their bodies; a sense of connection and a feeling of belonging.

Our boys dance most days and can often be seen practicing complex movements. They use dance when things become heated and stressed in the house, in the same way as swimming and bike riding are also known to regulate and connect.

Our girls have recently started weekly dance lessons and they are the highlight of the house. We have a teacher come in twice a week. The girls work in the houses; big girls and small girls; and they have fun, fun fun! They will also be consolidating relationships, building self esteem and improving their ability to access education! Amazing