I am so not ready to go home – but then again I never am!

This morning was busy busy busy as we had one of our staff taken ill again and we needed to cover her night shift – again I am so impressed by the attitude of the Rafiki Mwema staff – they move mountains to help a colleague – and I am so grateful. We wish Lydia well (and of course Anisha) – our girls are very upset that they are both sick.

We had a staff meeting this morning and it was great to sit and discuss the girls and their future – rather than issues in the house – RM is run so well!!!

After the staff meeting I did a couple of hours training about attachment and what it looks like in the child – really helpful when we have such damaged children in our care – we were delighted to have Mary and Lillian from MIA and Pauline and Betty join us – it really makes you think of the difficulties these children face on a daily basis.

John and Maurice went to buy mattresses for the family we help in the community – and again I am so grateful for the van we now have that makes life so much easier!

I went into town to meet with Anisha and am happy to report that she is feeling a little better but that she has a slipped disc – very painful as I know! I also finished my shopping at the curio market – I love a bit of batering but sometimes it can be overwhelming! Still – we have some great gifts to sell and raise money for Play Kenya

Gtonga has just returned from taking one of our girls to court in Nairobi and discovered that the case had been altered to attempted rape – he fought the system and the man will now be charged with rape and faces life imprisonmant – good job Gtonga!!!

I am dreading worship tonight as all the girls cry on our last night – it is so emotional – almost unbearable!


Delivering the mattresses to John and his family