Sad sad times! Our little van is beyond repair and has gone to van heaven. It is a huge loss to Play Kenya as we rely on this transport for Anisha to get around to the community. We do have our lovely 10 seater but this is used to take the girls to school and back and needs to be free for this to happen. That means Anisha will have to travel by public transport – local matatu’s – which are neither safe nor easy! Some of our most vulnerable families live way beyond where the transport systems are. We have one family where a young boy died very unexpectedly and Anisha is working with the younger brother who is deeply traumatised. He is fearful of going to school and spends his days talking to his dead brother. The work Aisha is doing with the family is unmeasurable! She also goes into schools and works with the vulnerable children and teachers – she has an educational programme for girls to help keep them safer from sexual assaults – she works in the women’s prisons and so much more!

We have a target of £5,000 needed (cars are REALLY expensive in Kenya!) and because of some wonderful donations we already have £1,450 towards it – if you think you could help in any way – large or small – please go to our donate page.

We rely so much on your support and could not exist without you