Volunteering for Play Kenya for the second time was just as amazing, rewarding and challenging as my first trip in 2009. I was astonished at how much Play Kenya has evolved and achieved in that time and the massive impact that they have on the children, the people and the surrounding area. My trip this time was combined with spending time with the wonderful girls and staff at Rafiki Mwema, helping train local people, who work with children and families, and visiting the women’s prison.

Everything that we did was so well received, needed and appreciated. I felt that in our two weeks we made some small but very important steps to supporting people in feeling valued, empowered and having a real sense of purpose to enable them to make a difference in their community.

Rafiki Mwema itself, where we stayed, is extremely special and has a lovely welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, which is exactly what the girl’s need and deserve. Play Kenya has clearly embarked on this project and done an incredible job to create a therapeutic environment where the girls can start to work through their traumas in a safe and caring space.

It has been an honour and privilege to be part of the charity, so thank you for letting me be involved. Play Kenya is such an amazing and inspirational charity but there is still so much that can be achieved with support from dedicated and passionate volunteers.