Happy happy Christmas from all the girls and staff to everyone world wide who sent love and good wishes and gifts this way! The children cannot stop talking about the best Christmas they have ever had! On Christmas Eve they had their party (I am uploading the pictures soon) and on Christmas Day the church came and they sung carols and had gifts – and today I gave them the gifts cards and pyjamas from all you lovely folk! If I tell you they applauded every card and hung it on their Christmas tree it will give you an idea of just how much you all mean!!! Asante sana from my heart!

I met our new 7 girls who are of course adorable! We have a few 4 and 5 year olds which is a visual reminder of just what babies they are – too sad.

But today has been a mixed day – one of the mothers of a sibling group had arranged to see her girls. There have been rumours and suspicions of her involvement with the abuse of the girls – and to see their reaction to her I am sure they are founded. We will share our concerns with the court and request no further contact until we know what is going on.

A highlight of today was the girls singing to John and his good friends John and Jane on Skype – awesome!

Tomorrow we are interviewing for a teacher and we have planning meetings with the senior staff – always looking to improve what we do!

Happy Christmas again to all of you xxxxx

Eek – cant get photos on from my iPad!!!!! I’ll keep trying

Anne-Marie x