After a nightmare sleep due to the water coming back after 2 weeks it proceeded to replenish the massive water tank that seemed to be located two feet behind my head! The tank finally decided it was full at 3AM! I was really pleased to have water for a shower – but please – what is it with me and the shower in Kenya!!!!

I woke up to the joyful sound of the girls in full early morning song…What a beautiful alarm clock.

After yesterdays visit to our new Boys home, Rafiki Familia, We decided that we urgently needed to find a bigger home, where the boys could play outside and hopefully have their own beds.. With this in mind, I asked Ray, Lucy et al, to try and find a property of similar size to Rafiki Mwema ASAP.

The hunt is on!

Myself Lucy, Joyce and Ray went  town to buy cooking items for the boys  house so they could begin cooking for themselves, plus swimming  trunks, shoes, school shoes for the girls and  other essentials. I left them to go to the market to buy the clothes by themselves, as my presence would have driven the  prices up.

I adjourned to Java, of course to have a meeting with Duncan Gtonga our one man crime fighter who chases down the girls abusers wherever possible, to bring them to justice……

He has arranged what they call ” a remote parenting event” at the women’s prison. This is where the prison authorities opens the gates of the prison and relatives of the inmates bring children, of those mothers and interact inside the prison. In normal circumstances the visits are through the window, with the visitor on the outside and the prisoner inside. This time the children and relatives will have an opportunity to hug each other. He has planned to have them sit together and have a meal. Through local donations, he  has  managed to raise Ksh 40,000/= against a budget of Ksh51,000.  Some of the women have not seen their children for very many years. One particular case is a woman who has been in the prison for close to 8yrs.

We will be feeding close to 500 people for this amount. If  we could find any kind people  who could make up the Ksh 11000.00  about £85, that would fantastic.

The day will start at 9.00am and end at 3.00pm.

After my second coffee, I left Gtonga and went to Kivu, the swimming pool complex with Jimmy, to wait for the boys to arrive…

Jimmy spoke to the nice lady at the Kiosk and explained we  had a “football team where coming to swim We  negotiated  the fee down to £14 for 12 boys and two adults !!.  I was asked, “are the boys orphans”? to which I replied, not all, they  are “boys without homes” Such is  the stigma of the term “street boys” that if I said that’s what they were – or used to be -we would most probably have been refused admission.

A few minutes later a group of very smart boys came into view. wearing matching green school type T shirts which had been donated to them by Cindy from Smart Small. I have to admit, for a moment I wasn’t quite sure these were our boys,

We walked through the gates, just as it started to rain -Not that the boys noticed!

Fortunately it stopped after a few minutes and the sun shone.

The boys couldn’t get into the pool quick enough.They had a fantastic time…..and behaving as any group of young boys would in the same excited situation.

They were respectful of others and I have to say I felt very proud to be with them.

Fanta and chips was the order of the day, followed, of course, by more swimming.

We met a Kenyan lady who mentioned she was the head of Kenyan swimming and she was there with one of her students who was powering up and down the  pool..

She offered to train our boys for free; all we need to pay was the entrance to the pool… We will see

Well I am sitting here at 1 am writing this, so I am going to sign off…Photos will follow in the morning…