Well – everything in Kenya continues and we have a new young lady in our family. Her name is Pauline and she is 7 years old. Sadly we were expecting Pauline to arrive with her elder sister, Margaret who is 9, but before we could go and bring the children to safety (they were living with men who were known to have sexually abused them) the mother reappeared, having abandoned them, and has disappeared with Margaret. We are working with “Start Small” charity to locate Margaret. It really saddens me to think that we could have her in a place of safety. I know she will be found – I just hope and pray that it is very soon. We are also waiting to establish if their baby sister, who is 3, needs our service – it is so hard to really understand how much the service at Rafiki Mwema is needed.

I think it has been really really hard this time to come home (actually it is ALWAYS hard – but I want to establish a safe school for sexually abused children, both who live with us at Rafiki Mwema and also those who stay in the community, and for girls who leave us to return home. We need a school where they are safe to learn, without the fears and anxieties that can fill their minds – it is so important that these children are not denied an education on top of everything else they have been through.

I am try to get a trip in before Christmas – but shhh….. don’t tell John!