Internet connection!!!! Whey hey!!!!

It seems ages since I blogged as we have all been very busy. I have delivered Primary Emotional First Aid training and we have some fantastic local staff who have graduated. In this training we have staff who work with the street boys, in schools, in orphanages and of course the wonderful staff from Rafiki Mwema!! I love watching people transform through this training – you can see them begin to see everything from the child’s point of view – this will really make a huge difference to the children in their care.

John has been really not well ever since we were in the Mara – really hoping he gets well soon

Eileen and Peter are fitting really well into the Rafiki Mwema family – the girls love them – Eileen has been to the local hospital with one of our girls who is HIV positive for her check up – she has also been very busy helping the girls decorate the boxes for their personal possessions – sent over by Alison Crossick – the girls love ownership of their boxes!!!!

The girls are doing really well here and I am excited at their progress – all down I’m sure to our excellent staff and training programme – the difference to these young girls lives is outstanding.

In our training we looked at the attachment styles of children and through that exercise a young girls difficulties were highlighted – and I think she will be coming to Rafiki Mwema soon. It is so good to be able to help – but so sad that our services are needed.