Things are busy busy busy in Rafiki Mwema! We have 5 new girls in the last week which is a lot, not just the new girls to adjust to, but also the girls that have been with us for a while. It can be very unsettling to all the girls when a new child arrives – and to have 5 girls in such a short time is pretty full on for all. You will expect our newest children to experience anxiety and fear when they come to us – how can they know that we are a place of love and safety – they have had their trust destroyed – thats why they are with us.

But spare a thought for the girls who have been with us a while – they have settled into their new lives but they also harbour fears and anxieties. What will happen to me if this new girl gets on better with the other children – supposing my special member of staff likes them more than me – will I be forgotten? Just some of the thoughts that may go through their lovely young minds.

Thankfully, we have excellent staff at Rafiki Mwema who respond to the needs of all the girls. They all have ‘key’ children and they will be looking out to make sure they are coping with all the changes.

Our new girls, Margaret, Pauline, Anastasia, Sarah and Nancy will be feeling a little strange but the energy at Rafiki Mwema is one of love, acceptance and calm and that is what is being breathed in by these little angels.

We are so grateful to everyone that has been supporting Play Kenya – without your love and kindness our little girls would not be in a safe loving enviroment – some would still be with their perpetrators and they would be living in fear.

Paul and Bryony from The Wedge Trust continue to be a huge part of Play Kenya and we all hope they will come over in November and experience Rafiki Mwema for themselves. Stephanie Koshel is a new but very valued friend of ours and thanks to her support we are able to look for a vehicle to replace our poor little broken van – John is looking at the prices of importing from the UK – cars in Kenya have had a really tough life because of the roads (and the standard of driving!) and they are HUGELY expensive there – we will keep you posted!

We are also so grateful to Marian Foot and Penny and Graham Philips for thinking of Play Kenya at such sad times in their lives – we are humbled

I am off to Mexico at the end of November to speak at a conference about the work we do in Kenya with our vulnerable and sometimes very violent children – I will be alongside some of the world greats in attachment and neuroscience – to say I am nervous is an understatement!!! Huge thanks to Shanley Homes and others for financially enabling this trip to happen – we have such GREAT friends!

I am meeting with members of the New Scotland Yard pedophile team in a couple of weeks – hopefully they will help us to set up a service in Kenya that gives real protection to children and trainstaff to interview children in a safe and respectful way. We are also looking at introducing a video witness scheme for the children’s courts – I love a good plan – and this seems a very good plan indeed!

I will be posting again soon – but in the meantime we are waiting for the news of our christmas cards – please hold fire and buy through Play Kenya and continue to make a difference – details will be on the web site very soon!

Asante sana x