I was invited to join Play Kenya by the founders, Anne-Marie and Debbie.  I was thrilled to be involved in a project that follows an ethos and mission that I believe and support.

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the orphanages and the children, carers, and staff connected to Play Kenya in Nakuru.   I worked alongside a team of play therapists and learnt the benefits of filial therapy.   During a two-week period of observation, training sessions and working alongside the team, I gained a good understanding of the workings of play therapy and filial training. It helps children who have suffered severe emotional and physical abuse in their lives.  It was encouraging and heartening to see how the carers and staff at the orphanages are embracing play therapy.

I have a lot of wonderful memories from my visit to beautiful Kenya.  Such memories include sitting underneath a parachute with 40 smiling children

and everyone dancing to Michael Jackson on our last day in Nakuru!  The children I met were truly inspirational!  I’m looking forward to returning very soon!

Please help support Play Kenya in anyway you can!