A little about Play Kenya…

Play Kenya is a UK registered charity (Registration no. 1136902) that was set up to support vulnerable and traumatised children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their families. Over the years, it has developed and now parents our Australian Organisation Rafiki Mwema.

Play Kenya has 4 therapeutic homes where 66 children from the most unimaginable lives are supported through our therapeutic program. We employ and train 100% local staff to change the brains of traumatised children and empower them to become the children and adults they deserve to be.

Play Kenya supports the local and National communities and have been responsible for introducing the very first video link system into the courts for vulnerable witnesses.

Our program is embedded in understanding Developmental Trauma and Attachment Theory and is based on the work of Dr Daniel Hughes Dyadic Developmental Parenting model, where we create connections to develop relationships.

The people behind┬áPlay Kenya…

Anne-Marie Tipper
Co-Founder & Director

John Tipper

Debbie Pearce

Natasha Harvey

Sarah Rosborg
Founder Rafiki Mwema Australia

Helen Hopkinson